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Nexus S receives MeeGo and Ubuntu ports, makes our nerd senses tingle (video)

Vlad Savov

You've got to hand it to the Nexus S. In spite of being a souped-up smartphone, it's still unpretentious enough to accept power from a BlackBerry microUSB cable and easy enough to hack that it's just received not one, but two OS ports. MeeGo, in its very raw and unfinished form, has been dropped onto the phone's internal memory without the need for any flashing, and the method has also been successfully used to install Ubuntu on the current Google flagship. There's very little that's actually functional about the MeeGo install at the moment, but the ball has begun rolling and there's a resulting question that's occupying our minds right now -- will the Nexus S have a perfectly hacked copy of MeeGo before or after Nokia releases its device for the platform? Answers on a postcard.

[Thanks, Michelle and Brad]

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