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Why Verizon needs a copy editor


Dig a bit deeper into Verizon's iPhone announcement and you see something that was overlooked from this morning's announcement -- namely a white iPhone. Apple has made it perfectly clear that the Holy Grail of iPhones won't be available until some time this spring. So, is this the real thing? Most likely not, I don't see anyone other than Apple announcing the white iPhone, and certainly not by burying it in a subsection of Verizon's site. Steve Jobs is most likely frothing at the mouth over this slip-up by Verizon -- but as of a little while later, it's fixed, so maybe nobody noticed.

That's not the only error Verizon's announcement had. There's no mention of CDMA at all -- the specs listed are GSM/EDGE. Maybe you have to roam onto AT&T to actually use the data plan. It's pretty much last summer's iPhone 4 announcement plopped onto a Verizon server. You'd think that with Verizon and Apple having this under wraps for the past two years, someone would have bothered coming up with a better site -- or at least making sure the AT&T-specific information was changed to Verizon. Or, better yet, hire a copy editor.

[Yes, we know we made an 'a/an' error in this post and a typo in a headline earlier, thanks to all you clever wags for pointing them out; they are fixed now. Of course we make mistakes too -- however our mistakes are not on the same scale as Verizon inadvertently advertising a color that isn't available, on a network they don't support. –Ed.]

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