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Dokobots game for iOS brings together the inevitable: robots and geolocation

Laura June

Now, wait. Don't just write Dokobots off because you hate Foursquare... this one has robots! While we've seen plenty of similar uses for geolocation, Dokobots operates as a sort of global scavenger hunt, with the ability to 'scan' the map of your surrounding area for items needed to charge up and repair your little robots. So far, we haven't gotten up the steam to walk the block and a half to pick up the batteries we need, but there's also a magnet tool for the super lazy, and other Dokobots will 'visit' your location over time, allowing you to record and photograph those moments for posterity. While we can't say yet if this game has staying power in our app catalog, it's definitely adorable at first glance. Dokobots is a free application available now in iTunes.

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