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Former Blizzard executive named president of Gazillion Entertainment

Jef Reahard

What's left to do for the man who created Blizzard's seminal Diablo series? A promotion to president and COO of a major gaming company is probably near the top of the list, and Gazillion Entertainment has done just that with former Blizzard North president David Brevik.

Prior to assuming his new duties, Brevik served as the project leader for Gazillion's upcoming Marvel Universe title, and also was responsible for lead design and lead programming aspects of both Diablo and Diablo II during his tenure at Blizzard. Brevik dropped a hint as to one possible future for online gaming (as well as Gazillion's focus going forward) in a company press release detailing his appointment. "Gazillion is committed to developing top-tier online games. The future will be defined by console-quality games in the web browser, and we believe we can make this a reality today," he said.

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