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Mass Effect 2 available on PSN January 18


You'll be able to buy Mass Effect 2 for PS3 without bringing another massive Blu-Ray box into your house. You may have noticed advertising to this effect on the PlayStation Store, and now BioWare has confirmed via the PlayStation Blog that the game will be released simultaneously on both Blu-Ray and PSN, next Tuesday, January 18. No price has been announced for the downloadable version, which also includes the "Overlord," "Lair of the Shadow Broker" and "Kasumi" DLC, but the disc-based release carries the standard $60 MSRP.

Not only is the PS3 catching up with the other console, but Mass Effect 2 for PS3 will actually come out ahead of the Xbox 360 release -- the Xbox version has yet to be made available via Games on Demand.

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