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Ms. 'Splosion Man and unannounced Twisted Pixel title playable at PAX East


In a decidedly non-volatile discussion over email, Twisted Pixel told Joystiq this evening that both Ms. Splosion Man and a second, unannounced title will be playable at this March's PAX East. Without going into any detail whatsoever, the rep added that the second game will be revealed "soon" (as in "before PAX East") and, yes, it's the project that ex-Harmonix senior designer Dan Teasdale has been working on -- TP also noted that the unannounced title has "a lot of dudes working hard on it," so don't go getting things twisted.

If that weren't enough, TP promises "Matt "Chainsaw" Chaney wil be there with ukelele in hand to play something special for the fans at different times of day," which is wonderful each and every time. We'll be there as well, cheering in the crowd. You'll know it's us because we won't have shirts on.

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