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myTouch 3G Fender Edition (and 3.5mm jack model) get Froyo 2.2 update


Good news for budding rock stars -- T-Mobile's other myTouch 3G device, the Fender Edition and myTouch 3G with the 3.5mm jack, are apparently slated to get their Android 2.2 update today. New features include a fully integrated Exchange client with calendar support, GAL (Global Address List) search, remote wipe, and enhanced security. Another tweak being offered is the contact Faves Gallery, a diddy which lets you browse your top 20 contacts to see all your texts, calls, emails and the like, and Gmail app enhancements including inline image viewing and colored labels. The original myTouch 3G was serviced way back in October of last year, so we'd wager that there are a pretty good collection of folks who'll benefit from this. So with that, we'll leave you all to the refreshing you invariably started by the time you hit the first few words in this post. Good luck -- and let us know how you make out, won't you?

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