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Wear a Twisted Pixel costume to PAX East for chance to appear in a game

Already lining up your established video game intellectual property-themed wardrobe for the upcoming festivities at PAX East 2011? You might want to throw a costume based on one of Twisted Pixels' creations into the mix, as the developer announced over Twitter that one lucky 'Splosion Man, The Maw, Comic Jumper or Ms. 'Splosion Man cosplayer who comes to the studio's booth on the show floor will have a character modeled after them appear in an upcoming title of its choosing.

"This will be a 'walk on role' for lack of a better term, as a character somewhere in the game. Background of this character will depend on where we feel they can fit in the story," a Twisted Pixel rep explained to Joystiq in more detail. "The winner will be updated on the status of their character and what game it will be when we get close to announcing the title."

Everyone who stops by the booth in-costume will end up on Twisted Pixel's official website, while three runners-up will get their names in the credits of the unspecified game -- everyone, of course, has a chance to play those unreleased games.The studio also promises a very special prize for folks who show up as the increasingly infamous MaXplosion -- "a kick to the face." We think they were joking, but just to be safe, you'd better not.

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