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Seen at CES: More iPhone cases and iPad keyboards than you'll ever need


If there was one thing in abundance at CES (other than hype), it was a plethora of iPhone cases and iPad keyboards. Perhaps it's a bit unfair to poke fun at the cases -- this is largely a show for retailers to purchase inventory, and having a ton of cases makes sense. You see them everywhere, from kiosks at the mall to the Apple Store, so the wide variety isn't a surprise.

When Apple debuted the iPad, they also offered their own keyboard and allowed Bluetooth keyboards to connect. Fast-forward nearly a year later, and at CES, there was no shortage of manufacturers from around the world offering up a range of keyboards. One had a trackpad, but no, it doesn't work on iPad. One used rubbery membrane keys with a soft but kinda not-so-great-for-typing feel.

Unfortunately, TUAW doesn't have the manpower to review all of these, but hit up the gallery for a walking tour of some of the cases and keyboards we saw at CES.

Gallery: Cases and keyboard | 9 Photos

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