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Korg rolls out slimmed down nanoSeries2 USB controllers


Korg's original nanoSeries USB controllers may have garnered some mixed reviews when they were released back in 2008, but the company's now back with some new and improved models that seem to address at least some of those complaints. As before, the lineup includes three different models: the nanoKEY2, nanoPAD2 and nanoKONTROL2, which can either be used on their own or paired up together. In addition to a slimmer design for each, all three are available in your choice of black or white, and it sounds like Korg has moved away from the plasticky, QWERTY keyboard feel that plagued the previous models, with the nanoKEY2 in particular described as having the same "great-feeling 'touch' that Korg has developed for its professional MIDI keyboards." Still no word on pricing or availability, but you can find all the rest of the key details at the link below.

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