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Nissan responds to Leaf launch disappointments, set expectations too high

Tim Stevens

The Nissan Leaf may be dishing out achievements to hypermilers and wowing moms, but it's also proving something of a disappointment to the thousands of people still stuck on the waiting list. Nissan blew through its 20,000 pre-orders and is pledging to get 25,000 cars on US roads by the end of next year, but right now that number is rather more modest: just 19 delivered. In Detroit this week PluginCars chatted with Brian Carolin, Nissan's Senior VP of Sales, who indicates: "In hindsight, maybe we could have lowered expectations a little bit more." He does, however, dispel the myth that the cars had to be held back due to some wiring issues. How long until we can all stop fretting? "I think in five to six months time this will be kind of behind us," he says, which is actually quite a long ways away if you're really pining for your first EV.

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