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Vudu movie streaming app is (not) live on the Boxee Box - update


There's no official confirmation from Boxee's blog or Twitter account yet, but owners of its Box are experiencing a fully activated Vudu app with the SD, HD, HDX and 3D streams the service is famous for. The only glitches reported so far seem to have been cleared up by just restarting the device so hopefully whatever delayed its launch past the planned 2010 window is entirely resolved. There's no firmware update needed, so give it a shot if you haven't already, especially since Vudu's still offering a free flick for all new signups. With Netflix streaming still an unreachable dream for its Box (unless one also happens to own practically any other media streaming device on the market) we hope the company rewards its developers with a long, long break of at least five minutes before sending them back to work on our Watch Instantly access.

[Thanks, Parris]

Update: VP of Marketing Andrew Kippen has let us know that while the app was released to a few hundred testers "by mistake" it's been taken down so they can finish testing before it is eventually released "with much fanfare." Sorry Boxee devs, no five minute break for you today!

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