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EverQuest II reveals January's pre-order rewards for Destiny of Velious


Have you always considered yourself the leader of the pack? Do you have a wolfish grin? Does a full moon bring a howl of delight to your lips? Then you may be a little creepy to be around, but you should also enjoy the January rewards for being a loyal subscriber of EverQuest II as we count down to Destiny of Velious.

As part of its three-month roll-out of special rewards for faithful fans, SOE revealed the two new rewards coming to players on January 18th. First up is a loyal wolf pup companion named Frost (because of the snowy theme, you see) who will follow you around all cute-like as you slaughter the denizens of the Great Wastes.

Players will also get a precious Superior Potion of the Advanced, a one-use item that grants a two-hour buff to all types of experience. When quaffed, the potion grants double adventuring, tradeskill and alternative advancement XP.

Any player who pre-orders Destiny of Velious -- which goes on sale January 18th as well -- is entitled to these rewards as well as the upcoming February rewards (including an ice wolf mount). You can read all the details over at EverQuest II.

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