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Gritty Mortal Kombat concept trailer getting a webisode series

Remember that super violent, Michael Jai White-fronted trailer for a Mortal Kombat film reboot that magically appeared on the internet last summer? Well, sadly, it failed to sell Warner Bros. on the prospect of turning the trailer into a full, proper film -- but that doesn't mean the project is totally dead. According to horror fan site Bloody Disgusting, director Kevin Tancharoen will begin filming a 10-part Mortal Kombat webisode series next month, following in the same gritty vein as last year's pilot.

Other than Jai White's continued involvement as Jax, Bloody Disgusting didn't mention many other details about the series' storyline. We'd usually like a little more reassurance than that; fortunately for these webisodes, the bar for Mortal Kombat-based pieces of cinema is unimaginably low. Like, low. We're talking subterranean, people.

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