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WoW Insider's Guide to the Conclave of Wind


The Conclave of Wind is the first fight in the Throne of Four Winds. Essentially, three separate bosses stand on three separate platforms. You must divide your raid among the three platforms so that you can kill all three bosses at roughly the same time. Each of the three bosses has his own elemental talents, so you should split up your raid accordingly.

In general, we refer to the three platforms as Wind, Nature, and Frost. You'll need one tank at least at the Frost and Nature platforms.
General strategy

There are three things you need to know off the top. First, the Conclave members each have an energy bar that rises at the same rate as those of the others. When that bar reaches full, all three bosses will execute their ultimate ability. Second, if any Conclave boss is left on his own, it will execute its "no one is around ability," which will result in a raid wipe. Lastly, all three bosses must be killed within 1 minute of one another, or they'll come back to life.
  • Anshal is on the so-called Nature platform. Anshal summons adds and puts a green circle on the ground. The green circle will heal Anshal's adds and Anshal himself, as well as silencing your team, so pull the adds out of the circle. His ultimate ability is Zephyr, which heals and buffs all of his allies on the platform. Be sure they're dead before that power goes off!
  • Nezir is the Frost boss. He channels a cone of frost in front of him and drops puddles of ice on the ground. Obviously, avoid those. He also issues a wind chill to the platform that will deal frost damage to everyone on the platform and debuff you so that you take additional frost damage. If you linger on the platform too long, you will die from this damage. His ultimate ability is Sleet Storm, which will do damage to everyone on the platform; however, this damage is distributed evenly among everyone there.
  • Rohash is on the so-called Wind platform. He has cyclones which you must dodge or get knocked around. His ultimate ability is Hurricane, which will launch everyone in the air. You must simply heal through it and try to manage being knocked around. Rohash will slowly spin around and hit people with wind blasts; avoid that, or you'll get knocked out of the fight.
Divide up your raid group among the platforms. The raid teams who fights Anshal (Nature) and Nezir (Frost) will need to switch back and forth to keep the Frost debuff from getting too bad. When the ultimate abilities are about to go off, put all your DPS folks from Team Anshal on the Nezir platform, so that you divide up the damage from Sleet Storm as much as possible. Obviously, leave a healer behind with Anshal so that you don't wipe the raid.

Your team for Rohash doesn't need to switch, but you can use this team to swap with Nezir if you need to. You're going to have to play with your raid composition here to get a good DPS balance and figure out what works best for your raid composition.

You cannot switch platforms during the ultimate abilities, so make sure you get your switches down before they cast.


Anshal <Lord of the West Wind>
  • Nurture Summons a Ravenous Creeper nearby every second for 5 seconds.
  • Soothing Breeze Heals Anshal if it hits him.
  • Withering Winds Deals increasing shadow damage to all players within the zone, reducing healing they receive by 100%. This effect is only castable when there are no valid targets within movement range.
  • Zephyr Heals all allies within 0 yards for 25,000 health per second. In addition, these targets will also gain 15% increased damage for 15 seconds. This effect stacks.
Nezir <Lord of North Wind>
  • Chilling Winds Deals increasing frost damage to all players within the zone, reducing their haste value by 500%. This effect is only castable when there are no valid targets within movement range.
  • Permafrost Channels a blast of frost at the current target, dealing frost damage every second in a cone toward that target for 3 seconds.
  • Sleet Storms Deals frost damage per second to all targets within proximity. This damage is divided among all targets. Lasts 15 seconds.
  • Wind Chill Deals frost damage to all enemies within 0 yards and increases all frost damage taken by 10% for 35 seconds.
Rohash <Lord of the East Wind>
  • Deafening Winds Deals increasing nature damage to all players within the zone, silencing them. This effect is only castable when there are no valid targets within movement range.
  • Hurricane Creates a huge vortex of wind, catching all nearby enemies and launching them into the air. Anyone caught by the vortex will take nature damage every second for 15 seconds. At the end of this effect, affected targets will be dropped out of the air, resulting in additional falling damage.
  • Slicing Gale Fierce winds slice through a random enemy target, dealing nature damage.
  • Wind Blast Spins slowly around the platform, blasting the area in front of the caster every second. Any enemies caught within this area are dealt nature damage and knocked back. Lasts 6 seconds.
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