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Breakfast Topic: How do you get rid of more money than you need?


Back in Wrath, you could hardly call me a wheeler-dealer type. I had a couple max-level characters with about 10,000 gold between them. Frankly, it was more money than I needed. I had good gear, plenty of bags, and 280% flight speed. My alts were well taken care of. Not that I'm complaining. So far as problems go, having too much money is a good problem to have.

I planned to use it all to power level my professions in Cataclysm. And that's precisely what I did. It cost a lot of scratch to grind tailoring, alchemy, and inscription to 525. But as I was powerleveling professions, I was creating saleable products. And making money. Like an Azerothian version of Brewster's Millions, the harder I tried spending my money, the more money I wound up making. I couldn't spend away my money even if I tried.

Now, I'm "stuck" with even more gold than I had in Wrath. After reading up on what rich people do with their money, I decided to take my own best shot at getting rid of it. Sadly, despite my best efforts, I couldn't find a realtor to help me buy up Cathedral Square and turn the place into condos. I couldn't self-finance a bid for Congress. And I couldn't get my own reality show on E!

If you were thrown into your own Azeroth-centric version of Brewster's Millions, how would you empty your bank account? If you had more gold than you knew what to do with ... what would you do with it all? Make an army of well-geared alts? Corner the Vial of the Sands market? Or maybe you'd just plain give it away?

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