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Font made out of 540 iPhone apps

David Quilty

Sure, you may have already picked up your Steve Jobs mosaic print made from Apple products, but do you have a font made entirely from 540 iPhone apps? I didn't think so! Tumblr We Love Apple posted about this font made by Oriol Fernandez Tur, a catalan art director from Barcelona with "too much free time" -- his own words. Organizing iPhone apps by color, Tur invented his own typeface font, with each page of apps being a different letter of the alphabet.

While some Apple fans may just want to change the note-taking font on their iPad to Helvetica or make their own custom signature in the, truly dedicated fanboys and fangirls everywhere might want to check out Tur's custom iPhone app font and try to make it their own. The font is a little tough to read, but at the very least, it could be used to leave secret messages on friends' iPhones or iPads.

Click Read More to check out video of the font in action.

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