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Netflix pulling 'add to DVD queue' from Watch Instantly devices, planning new Facebook integration


As if we didn't already know how inclined Netflix is to tweaking its services on the fly the company recently announced on its blog a few new developments that could be of interest to customers. Most recently, Director of Product Management Jamie Odell chimed in to inform that users will no longer be able to add movies to their DVD queue from streaming devices. As far as we know, the functionality has only been available on a few platforms, but if you're apt to do all or most of your queue management then it could be an issue, if you only use the website then everything will be the same. Also recently announced by fellow DoP Tom Willerer was news that Netflix's rarely-functional ability to share ratings over to users Facebook profiles has been officially scrapped with plans to "add new ways for our members to find interesting TV shows and movies to watch based on friends' recommendations" in coming months (guess that's someone's new job) -- no word on any potential Farmville or MyTowns plugins but we're figuring that's in the works.

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