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RuneScape receives 1.2 million votes in referendum to restore the Wilderness

Eliot Lefebvre

There's an image in the heads of many players that developers hand down their plans for the game's direction from a metaphorical ivory tower. RuneScape players, however, got the opportunity to determine the future of the game via a vote -- one that's ended with approximately 1.2 million votes cast in total. Mark Gerhard, CEO of Jagex, stated: "It has been fantastic to watch the community mobilize in support of the update and we can now introduce these features certain in the knowledge that they are what our community wants."

The referendum, set to determine whether or not the game's former Wilderness and Free Trade implementation should be restored, has ended with an overwhelming majority of 91% in favor of the restoration. As a result of the vote's conclusion, the development team has begun work and plans to have the Wilderness restored on February 1st. The open PvP zone has been gone from the game for nearly four years now, but within only a few weeks it will be back for RuneScape players to enjoy -- albeit with a healthy dose of caution.

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