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TUAW readers: Pick the best of 2010's apps and hardware


TUAW readers, last year was a huge one for Apple, application developers and anyone making peripherals for iOS devices or Mac computers. The days of "this doesn't work on a Mac" appear to be all but gone, the iPad was introduced and the number of apps in the store and downloaded to devices completely blew up. Now we want to know what are YOUR choices for the best of 2010?

Remember that there was no Mac App Store last year. Way back in 2010 (less than three weeks ago) we had to download applications on our Macs the "old fashioned way," with installers and DMGs, oh my! Upscaled iPad apps were called "HD" before we saw the Retina Display, ushering in a whole new world of visually fantastic games and other apps. We also got a taste of some new hardware toys with the Apple TV and AirPlay (although AirPlay-enabled docks and speakers are just now rolling out). With AirPrint coming to a range of HP printers, we're hopeful the technology will make it even easier for everyone to send documents to those dead-tree printers when needed.

Now it's time for you to choose your favorites using some nifty voting widgets from Voices Heard Media. Just pick the category you want (Mac app, iOS app or hardware for Macs or iOS devices) and enter the name of your choice in the panel. The system will bubble up the best, and we'll report the winners live during Macworld Expo, January 27-29.

Nominate your picks for:
Best iOS app of 2010
Best Mac app of 2010
Best Hardware (Mac or iOS) of 2010

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