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Dawn of Fantasy MMORTS coming in June

Jef Reahard

RTS fans have relatively slim pickings when it comes to massively multiplayer versions of their favorite games. Dawn of Fantasy, a new MMORTS developed by Reverie World Studios, looks to add another option to that mix when it releases on June 3, 2011. The new title takes place in the war-torn world of Mythador and supports persistent economic, trading, development, and diplomacy systems, as well as three racial choices (elves, men, and orcs) and a detailed historical background.

Dawn of Fantasy also features low system requirements but still manages to render thousands of units and objects during its large-scale battle scenarios. Players will also be able to design custom scenarios using the game's map editor. "In what we feel is an underrepresented genre, we're confident that Dawn of Fantasy will have what it takes to stay in the hearts of MMO, RTS and fantasy fans for a long time to come," said Ralph Pitt-Stanley of publisher 505 Games.

Check out our Dawn of Fantasy gallery below and an older interview with Reverie World, and don't forget to view the new trailer after the break.

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