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JVC KW-NT30HD / 50HDT navigation systems offer iPhone-controlled HD radio


JVC's new in-dash GPS navigation systems won't whisper soothing reassurances in your ear when traffic gets bad, but they can offer some easy listening (if you're into that sort of thing) for your daily commute. The KW-NT50HDT and KW-NT30HD, which JVC debuted at CES 2011, sport 6.1-inch displays and come equipped with HD radio and iPhone connectivity via USB. Using ClearChannel's iheartradio app, you can view song and artist information and scan channels from either the navigation device or the iPhone. The NT50HDT also comes with a free lifetime subscription to the Total Traffic HD+ Network, which provides data like traffic reports, news, and weather information. Both devices come equipped with WAAS navigation, map coverage of all 50 US states, as well as Canada and Puerto Rico, and voice guidance in English, French, and Spanish. The musically inclined navigators hit the market in March, with the NT30HD running $1,000 and the NT50HDT coming in at $1,200.

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