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RedLynx's MotoHeroz has music from Alan Wake composer, hear it in this trailer


Ever since Trials HD for XBLA took out a multi-year lease in our hearts, RedLynx has held a bit of a trump card with us. The developer's newest game, MotoHeroz, looks to extend that lease, bringing four-wheelers to the world of 2D racing. Gameplay-wise, MotoHeroz is a mix of Joe Danger's platforming gameplay and Motocross Maniacs' nitro-boosted, loop-based 2D -- as stated in the game's initial announcement, new online maps will be added daily to the WiiWare title.

In addition to today's first gameplay trailer, RedLynx announced that Alan Wake music composer Petri Alanko is handling compositions for MotoHeroz. The first track from Alanko can be heard in the trailer we've dropped after the break, and if you find yourself dancing along, a free download is available right here.

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