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TERA video shows off Sinestral Manor

Jef Reahard

Lately it's been rather quiet on the Arborean front, as Massively hasn't posted any new TERA-related info for the better part of two weeks. Happily, Game Informer is here to quench that drought courtesy of a new gameplay video. While it's a little on the short side, the clip does feature new in-game footage and a glimpse inside the creepy bowels of the Vampir Mansion (also known as Sinestral Manor).

You might recall the curiously spelled Vampirs from one of En Masse Entertainment's screenshot of the week featurettes, and you might also be a bit puzzled (as we were) at the distinct lack of Vampirs to be found in Game Informer's Vampire Mansion tour. That said, there were plenty of other beasties on hand, including a fearsome boss featured over the last half of the clip. There's also plenty of combat to be found, so head over to the Game Informer website and have a look.

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