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Wizard101 reveals the truth behind the green blob in space

Eliot Lefebvre

If you follow astronomy or just like stories about big green things, you probably were aware of last week's photo from the Hubble telescope showcasing an enormous green blob. It's a known spot in space, an enormous region in which new stars are being formed -- although why stars would be forming out in the middle of nowhere has researchers baffled. But researchers from Wizard101 have helpfully taken the opportunity to dispel the mystery, making it clear exactly what the region of space actually is.

Does it look sort of like a giant green frog? Well, that's exactly right.

The discovery was made possible by use of facilities in the ancient undersea world of Celestia, but it still raises a number of new questions. Some of the wizard researchers speculate that the enormous frog might be a powerful minion of Morganthe, while others are certain the frog's appearance is simply a prank by a wizard with more time than common sense. Whatever the case, Wizard101 has helped provide us with the answer to a great scientific mystery, and for that we can all rest a little easier.

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