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Dead or Alive Dimensions has Ridley stage, Samus cameo roll


Nintendo's collaboration with Tecmo's Team Ninja didn't end with last year's Metroid: Other M. A new trailer for 3DS fighter Dead or Alive Dimensions reveals a dangerous arena encircled by lava and stalked by Ridley, the winged nemesis of Samus Aran. He's not one for mild-mannered spectating, instead spitting fire and taking an unfortunate combatant for an undignified tour around the ring.

The trailer also shows that Samus has been authorized to drop a power bomb in the middle of the stage. It's flashy, and detonated without the preface of trashy fighting words -- umm, not that any DOA fighter could handle the deadpan delivery of her Other Monologues.

See the video after the break, along with a trailer that shows off more gameplay and many of the game's slightly more realistic environments. You'll probably recognize a few from Dead or Alive 3 and Dead or Alive 4.

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