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DIY 3D volumetric display / Kinect hack spices up the Fortress of Solitude's kitchenette


Here's another one for the "things we wish we had in our kitchen" file. Taha Bintahir has put together a homebrew 3D volumetric display that can -- you guessed it -- display 3D rendered images in all their free-floating glory. And if that wasn't enough, our man added gesture controls via the Kinect so he doesn't have to circle the object to view the whole thing. According to Hack A Day, Bintahir designed and built the prism itself, rendered the object he wanted to display (in this case the Superman logo) from four different camera angles, and projected the images on the four walls of the prism to create the 3D object in the center. Oh, and he distorted each of the images to match the angle of the prism's walls. Pretty insane, right? Hit the source link for more detail on the project -- but not before you see it in action after the break.

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