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HP files for 'HP Touchpad' trademark -- a possible name for the webOS tablet?

Nilay Patel

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We can't conclusively link this to the upcoming Palm tablets, but HP just filed for a trademark on "HP Touchpad" across a wide variety of products and services ranging from memory cards to -- dun dun dun -- "tablet computers." We're liking it as a tablet name, though -- we've been getting the sense that the Palm name is on the way out, and "HP Touchpad" jibes nicely with the conspicuous lack of Palm branding on the invite for HP's February 9th webOS event. What's more, HP's already invested heavily in branding its laptop trackpads with the ClickPad name, so this seems like something else entirely. We've definitely come across headfake trademark registrations in the past, so we'll see what's going on here -- and whether this slow trickle of leaks ever turns into a flood.

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