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Lunchtime Clock mod offers false promises to beleaguered office workers


We've seen a lot of DIY clock mods in the past, but the Lunchtime Clock has to be the most useless. It's great in theory: the thing speeds up 20 percent starting at 11AM and slows down twenty percent at 11:48AM. So, at 11:48AM the clock reads noon, and by 1:00PM it's back in sync, giving you an extra 12 minutes to digest that chili dog you so hastily sucked down before returning to work. Here's the catch: watches, cellphones, and computers also tell time, and if you work in an office where you've got to fake it to get an extra 12 minutes with your chili dog, you can bet your boss isn't trusting ye olde wall clock. So, before you go tinkering with your office timepiece, thank the heavens you've been blessed with an hour long lunch break to begin with. We hear the guy at the chili dog stand only gets 15 minutes.

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