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Earthrise shows off the feel of the game in a new cinematic trailer

Eliot Lefebvre

The feeling of personal possession, of place. A sense that your character's goals are your own. A wide-open world to explore and make a place in. Anything we're forgetting about the intended feeling of Earthrise? Well, we're sure it'll come to us eventually. In the meantime, Masthead Studios has released a brand-new cinematic trailer for the game, showing off the elements that players can expect from the sandbox game slated for release on February 4th.

Putting the viewer right in the heat of events, the trailer follows a young man with a high-powered shotgun speeding across a wasteland with a keen eye toward his destination. The trailer is only a couple minutes long, but it nicely captures the feel of a sandbox game, even with only a few lines of dialogue and the barest exploration of the game's backstory. If Earthrise can deliver the feel it advertises in the trailer just past the break, there are going to be a lot of happy sandbox players next month.

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