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GeoHot sets sights on jailbreaking Windows Phone 7

After successfully cracking open the deepest protections of the PlayStation 3 -- an act which garnered not only a fair amount of press, but also quite a bit of litigatory pressure from Sony -- George "GeoHot" Hotz has set his sights on a new piece of consumer electronics: The Windows Phone 7 platform. We hope he pulls through with jailbreaking the device, so we can finally ... um, replace those gaudy square home page panels with more visually pleasing circular panels? We guess?

Microsoft developer platform product management head Brandon Watson didn't respond to GeoHot's announcement with intimidation, however, telling him over Twitter, "if you want to build cool stuff on #wp7, send me e-mail and the team will give you a phone -- let dev creativity flourish." That's positively heartwarming! Oh, wait -- we also like things that are free. Hey, Microsoft! We're totally gonna hack your stuff. Your phones, your Xboxes -- all of it. You too, BMW. We're hacking all your cars, so you might as well just give them to us.

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