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iOS 4.3 rumored to have PhotoStream service, iPad FaceTime, PhotoBooth apps


They're not just rumors any more, or Apple's setting us up for a big April Fools Day.

The developer release of iOS 4.3 Beta 2 has a home page icons image that's used in the wallpaper settings, showing the standard icons on your choice of wallpaper to show you how your choice will look.

This new overlay file, aptly named Home Screen Overlay Facetime ~ iPad, has three more icons: FaceTime, Camera and PhotoBooth.

FaceTime will let iPad 2 owners video chat with their iPod touch, iPhone or Mac toting friends. PhotoBooth will make a lot of social photo sharers happy, as the beta already includes photo filters such as Thermal Camera, Mirror, X-Ray, Kaleidoscope, Light Tunnel, Squeeze, Twirl and Stretch.

Camera could mean a front- or rear-facing camera, and will presumably work much like the iPhone or iPod touch app, but the big rumor here is a "photo streaming" service called PhotoStream, which will upload your last 30 days of photos to MobileMe and sync them across all your MobileMe devices, so they can be shared with other people.

Taking pictures with your iPhone 4's great camera but sharing them around the table on your iPad or MacBook is a common wish. This rumor gives all of us something to look forward to, not just the iPad 2 dreamers.

[Via MacRumors]

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