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Naoki Yoshida talks upcoming changes to Final Fantasy XIV

Eliot Lefebvre

Since taking control of the game in December, Naoki Yoshida has been relatively silent about the future of Final Fantasy XIV -- aside from a letter to kick off the new year and a player poll, development has been oddly quiet. That does appear to be changing, however, with Yoshida giving an interview to Famitsu in which he discussed priorities for the game's further improvements as well as what he doesn't want to change.

According to the interview, the team's first priorities are further improvements to the UI and changes to the battle system, with Yoshida cryptically remarking that the world currently seems a little too peaceful. He does note that trying something innovative like the market wards isn't necessarily the best option all the time, and there's a hint that we may see a more traditional auction house put in place for the game. It's interesting news for Final Fantasy XIV fans, no doubt enough to chew on for some speculation -- although how soon any of it will come to pass is anyone's guess.

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