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Final Fantasy XI's development team answers player questions

Eliot Lefebvre

While players might not know what's coming around the bend for Final Fantasy XI in terms of future expansions or add-ons, the development team has been stepping up with a big departure from its usually laconic manner. The team answered a batch of players questions back in December, and now another big round of answers has been posted, with a great deal of information about what to expect from upcoming changes. If anything, the answers offered seem to imply that the game is moving slowly to a more open structure.

Fields of Valor, a major experience booster since its inception, is apparently on deck to have its time restrictions removed, allowing you to do as many pages from the book per Vana'dielan day as you want. Level caps are being removed on certain nation quests, with more possible in the future, and the auction houses of the nations are going to be merged to make searching for items easier. Final Fantasy XI clearly has some big accessibility improvements planned, so it's going to be very interesting to see what's next to be revealed for the game's near future.

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