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RIFT developers explore the dynamics of PvP!


Trion Worlds treated us today with a video montage of the exciting PvP in RIFT. This is the moment many players have been waiting for! What is in store for the gamer exploring this dynamic world? Executive Producer Scott Hartsman and his crew have pieced together this exhilarating video to outline each part of RIFT's PvP.

The journey for conquest begins with the zone-scale invasions. Members of opposing factions can cross enemy lines and assault the enemy adventurers while they are out questing. Next, Warfronts are cross-server instances that allow players to battle each other while completing specific PvE objectives. The Battle of Port Scion, for example, is the conquest instance that allows players to build an invasion force while the opposite faction attempts to stop them at every turn.

PvP starts at level 10, at which point the players begin to gain Favor, the PvP currency. Prestige, the PvP ranking system, begins at level 50 and determines the type of armor and the number of points you can spend in your PvP Soul.

But really, that's enough words from me. Check out the trailer after the break!

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