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Snail Games' next strategy: A Ministry of War expansion


Snail Games debuted its real-time strategy MMO in November of last year, making it a landmark browser-based game. Ministry of War allowed us to travel back in time to command the great civilizations of Rome, Persia, Egypt, or China. Since the game's launch, the developers have experienced great success and are extremely excited about the community's reaction to the features of the game.

Today, the MMO developer is proud to announce the first expansion to Ministry of War: The Arcadian Ladder. This update, featuring a 50-level battle instance, will launch tomorrow, January 22, 2011. The Arcadian Ladder will debut on the new Rage server with the legacy servers receiving the update in early February. With this expansion, players will be able to trade via a newly developed auction house, gamble for a chance at rare drops in the Levers of Fortune slot machine, and experience a better battle view with a fresh user interface. This expansion also features 40 new shop items, online time rewards, experience capsules, and many other epic gear drops and experience rewards.

Time-travel to the official website to find more information or try out the game for yourself.

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