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Waste your Friday playing Fotonica

Justin McElroy

C'mon, it's Friday. You know everybody else in the office is taking it easy. Check out Debbie, you think she's working on next week's ad budget? Nope. She's looking at pictures of her sister's birthday party on Facebook and wondering how she stays so skinny. Look at Rick in HR over there, you just know he's catching up on the scores from last night's [insert prominent sporting events here].

Why don't you head over to Kongregate and check out Fotonica, Santa Ragione's extremely cool new first-person running game you play with just one button. As you'll see in a trailer after the break, the game features a gorgeous wireframe aesthetic, so maybe you can convince your boss that you're making 3D ... work ... models, or something. Heck, he probably won't look up from The View long enough to notice.

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