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Zynga acquires Drop7 developer Area/Code


Area/Code's Drop7 was one of the first big games on the App Store, and it was even recently featured in the iOS indie bundle sale over the holidays. But the developer probably can't wear the indie label too proudly any more -- the studio has been acquired by social gaming giant Zynga, and will be renamed "Zynga New York."

In a blog post on the website, the company doesn't really reveal what it's working on next, but it sounds like social gaming on a large scale will be the focus (right after, we hope, Drop7 gets ported into a social browser game, though they can leave the microtransactions out of it, thanks).

This is of course the second big iOS-related acquisition (and rebranding) that Zynga has done, after it bought Words with Friends developer Newtoy earlier this year. I don't think this is the last buy we'll see Zynga make off of the App Store, either -- the company is flush with Farmville cash, and has been on the hunt for talented developers for a while. The only question is who they'll bring in next.

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