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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is keeping its resolutions

We are almost through with the first month of this, the two-thousand and eleventh year Anno Domani, and we are pleased to report that we have managed to keep our biggest resolution to date: We have stopped using contractions altogether. We just figured: Hey, words are beautiful, you know? Why would we choose to cut them in half and smoosh them together into other words when we could just as easily write out both? That is some cruel stuff, right there. It is kind of like Human Centipede, but for words.

Check out our seven favorite webcomics from this past week below, and vote for your favorite in the poll after the jump! If you have trouble deciding, we'd suggest that ... ah! Darn it.

Use Emotes Responsibly (Of Noobs and Men)
Economy (Nerf Now)
Cartoonist's Little Helper (No Cash Value)
Yoshi's Experiment (Brawl in the Family)
The Five Stages of Grief (Penny Arcade)
Red Dead Recidivist (Virtual Shackles)
All Geared Up and Raring to Go (Dueling Analogs)


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