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Smedley entices us with the first image from PlanetSide Next


John Smedley, the President of Sony Online Entertainment, is a big tease. Players are clamoring for information about all the new games SOE is releasing this year: DC Universe Online just released, but fans already want to know more about the promised monthly updates. We're all looking forward to The Agency, which has been quiet for about nine months and is rumored to come out this year. Then there's PlanetSide Next, which seems to be on the tip of Smedley's tongue, too. His hints about beta testing suggest the game will launch this year as well.

Imagine the speculation that erupted when Smedley tweeted, "NC ftw!" then a link to the picture above. What does it mean? We suspect "NC" stands for "New Conglomerate" from PlanetSide. Is that a New Conglomerate tank? It has to be; Rock, Paper, Shotgun agrees. Is Smedley teasing us with the idea that we can battle in tanks in PlanetSide Next? We can only hope so. It looks like SOE's got some exciting things planned for us in the coming year!

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