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100 Cameras in 1 latest non-game app to use Game Center on iOS


Back when Apple first introduced Game Center, one of the first big questions was whether or not apps that weren't actually games could use the service to share achievements and leaderboards from user to user. Since then, there have been a few examples of this poking around, but this is probably the most blatant: a new app called 100 Cameras in 1 offers not only over 100 Instagram style "effects" for your iPhone 4's camera, but full Game Center integration as well. Unfortunately, the limit isn't really being pushed here as the achievements only give you some bonus points for using the various filters (and I agree with Wired -- it would have been nice to see some invention here, maybe achievements for taking a picture in multiple countries or taking a picture of a certain object).

"Gamification" is kind of a buzzword being passed around lately, and it refers to the fact that companies of all kinds are finding ways to use gaming principles, either in things like managing their employees or rewarding customer engagement. Whatever you think of the idea itself (lots of people are seeing it as the latest business fad, and perhaps it is), it remains true that Game Center is still one of the best ways for iOS developers to spread the word about people using their apps. Through leaderboards and the Game Center app itself, all of your Game Center friends can see what you've been "playing," and vice versa -- it's a potential bonanza for companies wanting to share word of their apps. I'm still curious to see more non-game apps use the service. Game Center integration, especially when used well, can be that "secret ingredient" for utilities trying to make a bigger splash on the App Store.

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