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Happy 27th Birthday, Macintosh


Apple unveiled its first Macintosh-branded computer 27 years ago today. Steve Jobs introduced the Apple Macintosh on January 24, 1984 and received wild applause from the crowd of 3,000 people. The original Apple Macintosh was the first personal computer to be powered by the Mac operating system, then lovingly called System 1.0. The all-in-one beige case included a 9-inch monitor, a convenient handle and an accompanying keyboard and mouse. It also featured an 8 MHz processor with 128 KB DRAM, 16-bit data bus and non-upgradeable internal components.

It was originally introduced simply as the Apple Macintosh and was re-branded as the Macintosh 128K when its big brother, the Macintosh 512K, was introduced in September 1984. The history-making computer debuted with a price tag of US$2495. For those that want to relive a piece of history, Steve Job's unveiling of the Apple Macintosh is above, and the famous "1984" Ridley Scott TV commercial, which aired during Super Bowl XVIII, is after the break. Enjoy!

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