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Marvel vs. Capcom 3 nixed Frank West late in development


Remember all those fancy combos you learned with Frank West last year in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom? Well, you can forget about redirecting them to Chris Redfield's face when Marvel vs. Capcom 3 ships this February. Plans for Dead Rising 1's main man being playable in MvC3 were in place -- his silhouette appears in the game's debut trailer , and he showed up in our leaked list of characters earlier this year -- but he was cut due to "some extra work involved, just from the nature of his moves."

West was reportedly "quite deep" into the process before getting axed. Capcom producer Ryota Niitsuma explained the loss to, saying, "We felt we could direct our resources to better use, so we've taken Frank out." We're hoping that "better use" of resources is directed at the development of a Chuck Greene character to round out a Dead Rising character DLC pack. They've murdered thousands of zombies, you know.

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