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The Daily Grind: Is the sub fee preventing you from playing DC Universe Online?

Jef Reahard

Superheroes have been generating a lot of discussion around these parts of late, and SOE's DC Universe Online is the primary reason. Whether you side with the folks who view the new title as a worthy genre competitor or those who label it MMO-lite and move on, it seems like most gamers have an opinion one way or the other.

Interestingly, SOE chose to go with the traditional monthly subscription model for DCUO, flying in the face of the F2P bandwagon that's gripped the industry over the past year. Ostensibly the sub fee will cover ongoing content updates -- which SOE has repeatedly said will come on a monthly basis -- in addition to the usual costs of maintaining and improving a large-scale online service.

All that said, comment threads here and elsewhere have featured gamers who write off DCUO because a) it requires monthly payment and b) it doesn't have a free trial. For this edition of The Daily Grind, we're curious where you stand on the issue. If you're not playing DC Universe Online, is the sub fee the primary culprit?

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