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The other M is for 'MacBook' in this Samus laptop mod


Samus Aran's armor has been largely a mystery since the introduction of Metroid's lead character, but in this case mod, we can clearly see the technology behind her armor: a MacBook Pro. A "games oriented developer" known as gltovar commissioned Xtreme Kreations to alter the case of his MacBook; the result being the slick airbrushed Samus image seen above with some light-up armor elements (using the lights that normally illuminate the Apple logo on the case). It must have taken more than two hours to assemble, or Samus wouldn't be wearing her armor in the image.

Luckily for us, gltovar took lots of pictures of the process and result, so we can enjoy the effect without "enjoying" the deconstruction and artful slicing of our own premium laptops. Check out the video after the break.

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