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Viber VoIP app for iPhone updated and improved

Mel Martin

An update to Viber has hit the App Store today. I was impressed with the original release of this free VoIP client when it came out early last month. I especially liked the voice quality and the notifications. Since the review, Skype with video finally made it to the iPhone and attracted a lot of attention, but I still prefer the audio quality of Viber, and unlike Skype, it doesn't have to be running to get a call notification. Of course, everyone you want to call must be running Viber, but that is the only requirement.

Most of the update to Viber is for bug fixes, and there is also an update to the privacy policy, which some users found confusing or objectionable. Viber servers get a copy of your address book names and phone numbers so that the app knows which of your contacts are using Viber without seeing your contact notes or email addresses. You can now read the privacy policy from within the app. New or improved features include a call quality monitor, better Bluetooth support and fixes to international dialing.

Viber is also coming to BlackBerry phones and Android. I don't think Viber is ever going to threaten Skype, but in some ways, I like it better. If you are a frequent caller, especially if you call internationally, it's worth a look. Viber is voice only, so no video calling.

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