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Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars for 3DS detailed by creative lead


As TinyCartridge pointed out in a pair of recent posts about Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, the seemingly high profile 3DS title has been barely discussed by publisher Ubisoft. Beyond gathering together all of the game's assets thus far (seen here), TinyCartridge fleshes out GRSW's tactical, turn-based gameplay. Better yet: The game's creative lead, Julian Gollop -- lauded developer of X-Com: UFO Defense and Laser Squad Nemesis, among others -- gets all up in the comments section, speaking on the game in far more detail. He confirmed that GRSW will not feature multiplayer outside of "hotseat" play, nor will it support any StreetPass features (i.e., a data exchange between two "sleeping" 3DS units).

"The tactical system, and the way the weapons work, have a bit more of an Advance Wars feel," Gollop described. "You have six characters you control, each with unique abilities and equipment. You can level them up, gaining abilities and more equipment options."

"The battlefield is very detailed," he continued, "with cover effects, and elevation having significant tactical effects. You need to capture 'command flags' to collect 'command points' which are spent on various powers, including calling in a massive airstrike. Each character gains power points to launch special power attacks -- super shot, rapid strike, wide impact -- depending on the weapon types used." Sounds interesting!

Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars will reportedly launch in Europe on March 25 alongside the 3DS itself, though no North American release date has been given.

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