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MAG birthday celebrations net players extra experience points

Oh, MAG. You're such a sweetheart! It's your first birthday, and while customarily that means that we should be showering you with thoughtful presents and too-expensive, flowery-worded cards, you're the one who's giving gifts to us! For instance, you're increasing the game's "Happy Hour" experience bonus (a boosted XP rate the player has during his or her first hour of play each day) to 256 percent from January 26 through January 30? Oh, you shouldn't have!

Other promotions planned for the massive shooter's first anniversary include a temporary switch to "Faction Neutral" maps for the Domination and Acquisition game modes (available for the same time period listed above), as well as a chance to play against the Zipper QA team on the morning of January 26. Actually, they're probably very, very good at the game. We're not sure that being repeatedly decimated by MAG professionals is a very good present, now that we think about it.

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