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Mytheon releases class trailer and internal Q&A

Jef Reahard

What's next for the makers of Mytheon now that its trans-continental relocation quest is complete? How about a new class trailer and a lengthy internal interview session detailing various behind-the-scenes development initiatives? The clip sports some pretty high production values as well as in-game footage related to the Warcaster, Eidolon, and Elementalist classes. While the video is fairly short, it does whet our appetites for more footage from the forthcoming free-to-play fantasy title.

UTV True Games has also released a Q&A document outlining some of its aims for Mytheon's beta phase and beyond. Join us after the cut for discussion about high-level content, guild improvements, and more.

What have been your top priorities since taking over development of Mytheon?

First and foremost we wanted to ensure that players are able to enjoy a seamless experience from the time they download to the point where they're in the game questing. We did a lot of research on the challenges players were having in the past, in terms of server performance and so on, and recognized immediately that improving upon game features and new content would be fruitless until there was improvement in these specific areas. That's not to say the team hasn't been working on the game play side of things as well; but, performance and new user experience have been our top priority for the upcoming closed beta.

How are we improving guilds?

In addition to working on streamlining the existing system, we're planning on adding more advanced systems in the future - particularly things like Guild levels, rankings, and Guild specific currency. Guilds will then have access to shops with rare items that can only be purchased with guild currency. These advanced features are still a little ways out, but definitely in the works right now.

What are we adding to level 30 content?

We actually have a lot of plans for high level content - some in progress now and some scheduled for a little later down the road. Besides our already advanced plans for the Egypt content update, that will raise the level cap and more, we are also working on features such: as hero-level difficulty dungeon settings for max level characters only, new maps and boss battles specifically for max level characters, as well as all of the new items, equipment, and other unique rewards that go along with the new content. We have even more features in the pipeline as well, but as mentioned, performance and new user experience are our top priories for closed beta.

How are we improving structure stones?

Rather than just structure stones, we've actually taken a long look at all stone types and developed plans for an overall balance pass - which we're looking forward to the beta community contributing heavily to. Later down the line we also have plans to expand upon the existing stone combat system itself, which includes more customization,
forging, and specialization.

How are we improving camera angle and movement?

We felt like the best approach to nailing the camera and controls was to provide the player as much customization as possible, without compromising game performance. We believe we've gotten both of these areas to a point where they feel quite good at the default settings, however players will have the ability to make minor adjustments that best suit their play styles.

What are we doing to reduce the downtime (run back) after a patch?

This is definitely one of the items that falls under performance improvements, and we're ensuring that this process is as seamless and quick as possible. Again, we've spent a great deal of time researching the prior challenges and feel like we've made some great strides in those areas.

How are we making it easier to find and join other players in parties?

An improved party finding system is another of the top items on our list. Even though it won't be ready for a little while, we've already begun work on adding a more robust and user friendly system that will allow players to quickly find others to join their party for either dungeons or PvP.

How are we adjusting looting when in a party?

We've done quite a bit of work on the loot distribution balancing not only for parties, but also for the types of drops a player will get while soloing. But specifically for parties, we plan on adding a more robust set of looting options that the leader can adjust at any time.

How can we help players differentiate between allies and enemies?

We definitely agree that it can sometimes get a little chaotic when you've got a group of four players all casting stones on top of what stones the AI has summoned. And so we've been working on a number of items to help make the differences a lot more obvious. For instance, names and decals of enemies will always be one specific color that is never used by players in order to quickly identify your foes. We've also got a few other items we're testing out, but either way this is something we're focused on improving.

What would you like to see in future content expansions?

This is an area we've been particularly excited to start planning, given the way Mytheon's lore lends itself to just about any culture's mythology. But of course, being based in China, we're extremely familiar with all of the rich and exciting Chinese mythology stories and so you can probably imagine it's near the top of our list when it comes to where we'd like to go after expanding to Egypt ; )

Anything else you'd like to share with the Mytheon community?

We're excited to be able to work on Mytheon and create game content that our community really wants! We are looking forward to opening the doors and interacting with our community again, so that being said, welcome back Stonecasters!

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