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Reminder: Champions Online goes free-to-play today


If you've been waiting to try out Champions Online, today is the day to do it. Officially renamed Champions Online: Free-for-All, the game is now free to play for anyone with a PC and an internet connection. Naturally, those who opt for the free "Silver" membership are subject to a few restrictions while those with a paid "Gold" subscription have access to more in-game features like extra costume pieces and adventure packs.

Silver members can pay for some of these items a la carte, though certain features are restricted to Gold members. Still confused? Check out the Champions Online FAQ for more info on the differences between Gold and Silver membership. Anyone interested in trying the game out, just head over to the Champions Online website and sign up. Nobody create a hero named Spider-Dude, though. We call dibs on Spider-Dude. Dibs.

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